Frequently asked questions

Who is ProGamerComplex for?

ProGamerComplex is for men and women of all ages, who are:

ProGamerComplex is also for EVERYONE who spends a lot of time in front of TV or computer screens.

How does ProGamerComplex work?

ProGamerComplex is different and better than any nootropic complex that’s ever been developed. And this is because of our advanced formulation strategy. ProGamerComplex only uses research-based nootropics that work with multiple brain pathways. By supplying these multi-tasking brain-boosters in enhanced forms, ProGamerComplex promotes "100% Brainpower" mental performance that elevates your whole life.

Can ProGamerComplex be used simultaneously with medications?

Generally, ProGamerComplex may be used alongside medications as it is free from any drugs and hormones. For specific advice on taking ProGamerComplex with medications, we recommend that you contact your health care practitioner.

How many capsules does one pack of ProGamerComplex contain?

One pack of ProGamerComplex contains 90 capsules. It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day (1 capsule every 4 hours) with plenty of water preferably with or after meals.

Need help swallowing capsules?

Difficulty in swallowing tablets or capsules is quite a common experience. We have researched this extensively and recommend that you pop the tablet/capsule into your mouth and swallow it together with the chewed food, followed by some liquid. The throat opens up wider to swallow the chewed food and so the tablet/capsule should go down with greater ease. Alternatively, the tablets may be swallowed with thicker liquids such as yoghurts or smoothies.

Is ProGamerComplex safe and free of side effects?

All ingredients in ProGamerComplex are safe and well tolerated. The Complex has no known side-effects when taken as directed.

ProGamerComplex is the only nootropic supplement of its kind with a clean label:

ProGamerComplex is 100% nootropic-based brain-boosting complex, with many ingredients in upgraded, enhanced-potency forms that are easier for the body to absorb and utilise.

How do I take ProGamerComplex?

Take three ProGamerComplex capsules per day during or after your meal. You need it in times of intense cognitive demands: before gaming, during exams, or while facing a professional deadline. ProGamerComplex dosage may be increased to four capsules daily for greater performance-boosting activity. Do not take more than four capsules in any 24-hour period. Always ensure that ProGamerComplex is taken with plenty of liquid to wash the capsule down.

How long does it take to experience any benefit?

Results vary amongst individuals. Many users report immediate cognitive benefits. For others a regular intake of three capsules daily typically gives noticeable mental performance enhancements within two weeks. We recommend at least 30 days of consistent ProGamerComplex supplementation to best judge its effects.

What are the active ingredients?

To see detailed information please click here.

What are ProGamerComplex extended benefits?

Taking ProGamerComplex over an extended period of time will help to elevate and sustain overall peak mental performance. Beyond its performance-enhancing effects, supplementation with ProGamerComplex also nourishes the brain for long-term healthy function – helping to counter brain ageing while maintaining healthy brain structure and neural plasticity. ProGamerComplex is the ultimate formula for supporting peak brain function now along with mental clarity and sharp memory decades later in life.There is no maximum length of time over which ProGamerComplex may be used.