It pays to refer clients to us

If you have a website, blog, facebook page or streaming channel you can begin making money selling ProGamerComplex online. The ProGamerLab affiliate program is free to join and easy to promote. We will pay you up to 20% commission on all sales that you refer to us depending on the volume.

How the program works

It's simple: We give you tools to help you drive customers to and pay you a commission based on your success. Tool will include compelling text links and eye-catching banners to use on your site and social media posts. Each of these will have its own unique ID that will allow our tracker to measure exactly how much traffic you are driving to us. You will earn money based on the customer purchase amounts.

Become an Affiliate

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Process of affiliate marketing

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is simple: Advertisers pay Affiliates a portion of their sales for promoting their products and services to customers. Advertisers benefit from spending less on mass advertising and Affiliates get more rewards from using traffic that is already available to them.