What are Nootropics?

Brain-boosters, cognitive enhancers or even "smart pills" - these are some common names for nootropics.

Basically, nootropics are processing speed, memory and focus enhancers. They  generally work by altering and supporting  brain`s neuro-chemicals.​​​​​ A source of energy to keep you fit and motivated.

The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe, but most nootropics are trully narrow-minded. They may only target 2-3 brain pathways. They may support just memory, or just focus. These self-limiting formulas fail to tap the brain’s vast potential.

ProGamerComplex removes these limitations. it optimises as many brain functions and brain pathways as possible by using multitasking nootropic components.

Why a professional gamer needs it?

A standalone nootropic in complete, premium form scientfically tested to:
  • Increases mental speed and hand-eye coordination.
  • Help to multitask with increased reaction time.
  • Provide long lasting 3-D focus.
  • Ensure a boost in motivation & mood.
  • Help to stay in a positive frame of mind.
  • Reduce anxiety and ward off the nervousness.
  • Sharpen observation and attention.
  • Bust brain fog & mental fatigue for alertness & promote stamina.
  • Increase visual ability.
  • Boosts "Alpha" frequency brain waves for "wakeful relaxation".

Is ProGamer Complex safe?

ProGamerComplex is a bacopa monnieri based brain-boosting complex, with upgraded, enhanced-potency ingredients that are easier for the body to absorb and utilise.

ProGamerComplex is different and better than any nootropic complex that’s ever been developed.

Our advanced formulation strategy only uses research-based nootropics that work with multiple brain pathways.

While other nootropics continue to quietly optimise your brain in the background, ProGamerComplex nootropic steps up to help your immediate mental performance needs.

ProGamerComplex formula combines the cutting edge world of scientific achievements, with Nature’s finest ingredients renowned in Aurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

Ingredients & Use

ProGamerComplex is a universal nootropic with  safe and well tolerated ingredients. Cognition-enhancing compounds produce no side effects and are suitable for long-term use when taken as directed:

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri

Is a nootropic herb, which safely, but powerfully alters brain's neuro-chemicals. Adaptogenic stress reducer, which helps to adapt to stressful situations. Bocopa is clear thinking dramatic enhancer. It is also "wakeful alertness" & positive frame of mind enducer. Bacopa has strong ties to memory performance. It's main mechanism concerns promoting neurone communication interacting with serotonin systems, which supports motivation and mental drive, sustained states of focus and concentration.

Centella asiatica

Centella asiatica
(Gotu Kola)

Herb with outstanding body-mind coordination properties renowned in aurvedic medicine. Known for ages to help minimise reaction time and increase precision of movements. Cintella optimises cognition under stress, helps to safely elevate peak mental performance. It promotes speedy thinking and calm concentration. Cintella supports neuro transmitters responsible for brain energy levels, and how happy we feel or productive we are.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6
(pyridoxine hydrochloride)

In our formula it serves as a conductor of bocopa & cintella influence on brain and amplifies their effect. It's effect on brain in a way is similar to adrenaline. B6 assists normal nerve cell communication. It supports eye health and is crucial in prevention and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Deficiency in Vitamin B6 can cause fatigue and cognitive decline, which is not conducive with professional gamer's performance needs. Vitamin B6 helps regulate the secretion of serotonin in the brain – a chemical that controls mood and boosts motivation.


(3-aminopropionic acid)

Naturally and safely Beta-Alanine helps to overcome fatigue and increase stamina. It helps to synthesise a dipeptide called carnosine. Acidity in muscles, which causes tiredness, compromising their strength and endurance, is successfully counteracted by Carnosine. This makes Beta-Alanine vital in addressing many neuromuscular issues including carpal tunnel syndrome. By normalising intramuscular pH balance, Beta-Alanine increases durability of muscles, and helps them to contract effectively during strenuous exertion.

Lactose free
Gluten free
GMO free
Free of coloring agents
Free of artificial flavors
Natural ingredients


Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

The recommended daily dose (3 capsules) contains:

Bacopa monnieri leaf extract 600 mg
Centella asiatica herbal extract 60 mg
Vitamin B6 1,05 mg
β-alanine 600 mg

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take 3 capsules per day for 1 month. Course can be extended to up to 6 months if needed. Food supplements do not replace a balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of small children. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or having individual intolerance to ingredients consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Dietary supplements must not be used as a substitute for balanced diet.

STORAGE: Store product between 5-25C. Keep away from direct heat, moisture and sunlight.

Certificate of analysis

Certivicate of Analysis

And not to forget: practice is vital

The route to becoming a pro-athlete takes hundreds of man-hours of practice, skill determination and teamwork.

It is not uncommon for professional video gamers to practice more than six hours a day.

Obviously, if one is taking the right supplements to keep himself fit, he is playing at advantage and can benefit from training much more.

Choy Seong Hun aka Polt
Practice is vital

Stay fit over time

Scientific studies have shown that repeated use of ProGamerComplex is like repeatedly exercising – the body not only adapts, but also gets stronger over time each time you use it. As a matter of fact it’s positive effects are more pronounced at 12 weeks compared to 4 weeks.
Stay fit over time